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Best sex and relationship lessons from Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ season 2

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How to tell your partner what you like in bed

Sex Education

Sex Education / Netflix

Things start heating up for new couple Otis and Ola in episode 2. Worrying about how he’s going to perform, Otis looks up “how to finger” on the {internet}. This leads him to a rather worrying technique called “The Clock.”

After giving it a try, and thinking Ola was into it, Otis brags to Eric about his newfound title of sex god. But later on, Lily has revealed to him she was in fact in pain most of the time, and his rough jabbing method didn’t do much for her at all. 

By the end of the episode, Otis admits to Ola he has no idea what he’s doing, he’s “really bad at fingering,” and they never have to do it again. She appreciates his honesty and tells him: “Or, I could show you what I like.”

“Being open and honest about what you want and what you like is key to having a healthy, long-lasting relationship,” sex and relationship expert Rebecca Lockwood told Insider. “This goes further than the bedroom, it filters into everything we do within our {relationships}.”

She said a starting point for the conversation can be asking what you partner wants and likes, which “gives you an {understanding} of what you can do to allow them to feel loved, wanted and heard.”

Counsellor Deshara Pariag, from Counselling Directory, told Insider you should sit with your partner in an environment with no distractions, and explain how you feel.

“Trust your partner, and note some points you would like to address,” she said. “You may be pleasantly surprised by their response. Communication and uncomfortable conversations are normal in a relationship to help you both grow together.”

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For Every Kind Of Relationship

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For Every Kind Of Relationship

Wheelchair user Geet’s English lessons & relationship {advice} have won her millions of followers on TikTok

Paralysed in an accident when she was 10 years old, Geet is among the
biggest stars on TikTok, the social media video app that is so popular among
Indian youth. Geet has two channels, one for English lessons and the other
where she shares relationship {advice}. Geet, who wanted to be an actress, is
showing the world that being in a wheelchair need not come in the way of
achieving fame and popularity.

An accident cut short Sangeeta Jain childhood dreams of
becoming an actress. Paralysed from the wait down at the age of 10, Sangeeta
became a wheelchair user. She tried participating in reality TV shows for
kids but found opportunities were limited because of her disability.

With her brother’s encouragement, Sangeeta started doing motivational videos
on Facebook, where she has her own page under the name Geet
Jain. Then in February 2018, she made her debut on TikTok
were she put up short comedy videos that she made with her grandmother.

“To my surprise, it was the motivational videos that did better”, said Geet
to The Hindu. “We had videos on socially relevant topics
like domestic violence, saas bahu {relationships}, and confidence. I was
getting thousands and views and comments even within the first few weeks,”

Geet, who spent her childhood in the United States speaks Hindi with an
American accent. Soon she found herself getting requests from people to
explain the meanings of certain words. That led her to start a channel on
TikTok where she gives lessons in spoken English.

Today Geet has two channels on TikTok, English with Geet and
TheOfficialGeet. She has over 2.5 million followers and her
videos are short, crisp and has language that is easy to follow.

Geet has studied engineering and law and divides her time between India and
Seattle, United States. She runs an NGO in Delhi-NCR where she works with
children living in slums, teaching them positive values through music,
storytelling and dance.

Everyday, Geet puts up three to five videos where she reaches out to
different types of audiences. She also talks about sensitive issues like
domestic violence. “The audience on TikTok is raw and open. Seeing them
respond to me feels like I’m making a difference,” she said in an interview.

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