Cyber Week

We have all heard of and know the Golden Rule:

“Do unto others as you would like others to do unto you.”

Or something like that.

The Golden Rule does not work in {love} relationships

The trouble is that the Golden Rule does not work in {love} relationships.

I realize this may not make sense at first glance. So let’s think it through.

Each person has their own preferred way in which to receive {love}. Some people like to see it, some like to hear it, some like to feel it.

It’s human nature to give {love} in the way we would most like to receive it. Sounds fine, doesn’t it?

The problem is that rarely do two people get together that have the same preferred {love} language.

So if I like to receive {love} by hearing it, then if I follow the Golden Rule, I will give {love} with words. But what if my partner receives {love} best by seeing it?

I could say I {love} you all day long and my partner would be thinking this is nice, but what have you done for me lately?

Discovering the Platinum Rule

So what do we do?

The Platinum Rule states that we should do unto other as they would like to be done unto.

So if I am in a relationship with a person whose {love} language is seeing it, then I need to show her I {love} her through the things I do. At the same time, if my {love} language is hearing it, then she would need to show me {love} with words.

Give the Platinum Rule a try in your relationship, and see if communication and closeness improve.

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