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Niecy Nash confirmed and gave a joint statement mutually with Jay Tucker about their divorce. The couple has finally decided to end their 8 years of marriage.

The couple got married last year at Malibu in 2011. They got Instagram with their marriage pictures and burned the social media with their {love}.

According to sources, the divorce of Jay Tucker and Niecy Nash was mutual. Assumptions are also being made that after having sex scenes in the TNT series, the marriage turned in differences. Though these are only assumptions, they have not revealed or officially declared their divorce reason publicly. Nor many people are trying to get into the reason for the divorce as it’s there mutual decision.

"Niecy Nash" and "Jay Tucker" CONFIRMED their DIVORCE!! but why are they ENDING their 8 year old relationship

Though everyone is under confusion on their divorce. As back in 2013, Niecy Nash wrote a book, “It’s Hard to Fight Naked, dishing out relationship {advice}. The book is all about how to keep and maintain healthy relationships. The book has various chapters referring to the problems faced by couples, the arguments, the commitments, the responsibilities, and much more. Starting from the beginning problems, couples face the major things one should keep in mind in a relationship.

The book also includes a chapter named “Stomach Full, Penis Empty: A Woman’s Guide to a Happy Marriage.”

The whole dilemma is that if Niecy Nash is such a solved woman who knows how relationships work and marriages are saved and kept healthy was unable to save her marriage and keep it healthy.

Though everyone is shocked but respecting their decision. The fans are always with celebrities.

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