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Toxic Relationships & Thoughts About Your ex

How To Deal With Those Lingering Thoughts About An Ex From Your Past?

We have all experienced a toxic relationship or at least know someone who has experienced these issues with a ex. After the breakup or you have moved on successfully, you end up getting those lingering thoughts about the good times you shared or how much your ex cared about you. Is there a way to deal with those thoughts? We will get straight to the answer of that question

The answer to that question is yes, but it will take some techniques to apply to the situation along with awareness and that ex and those thoughts will stay in the past for good! for men and women it will be different and we will break it down for each below

For Men

for men who have been in toxic relationships such as : over dramatic women,lack of sex, or cheaters these 3 listed below can help you to overcome those thoughts.

  1. think about the closure you received after the breakup
  2. when you get thoughts about the good times, right after that start thinking of the toxicity brought by you dealing with that person
  3. be aware that lingering thoughts will come and go

For Women

For Women, toxic relationships often occur through : abusive men, being body shamed, having their emotions being mishandled,being lied to, cheating, being used. The 4 listed below can help women deal with thoughts about their toxic ex.

  1. remembering how you were badly treated will help you overcome those thoughts
  2. sticking to the decision to be safer than sorry is a good thought to refer to and will help you deal with those thoughts.
  3. weighing your good thoughts with your bad thoughts will help to keep you from going back to your toxic ex
  4. the simple fact of you moving on and regaining your confidence will help you to be mentally strong and help you to forget your past even more.

The listed techniques can help you deal with those haunting and depressing thoughts that come and remind you of the good times you had with a toxic person and can prevent you from making the mistake or reaching back in your past.The techniques for men and women are basic and complex at the same time because it is important to have the awareness to apply them


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