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Your zodiac sign’s daily {love} horoscope is here for today, Tuesday, December 10, 2019. {Love} takes a new turn, but it’s not for long.

The Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius for another twelve days and at the midway point, all-star signs are knee-deep with personal opinions about life and {love}.

What’s in store for all zodiac signs according to today’s {love} {horoscopes}?

The Moon leaves the sign of Taurus first thing this morning, and we have nearly a full day of a Moon in Gemini which means we are entering seventh house territory which is along the lunar-solar axis of the astrological wheel.

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The Sun squares Uranus in Taurus before the Moon enters the sign of Gemini, and this triggers a desire to wander or do something drastic, but there will be a lack of follow-through.

The Moon traveling from an earth sign to an air sign makes desire lack focus, and the square between an unstable Mercury at a critical degree in Sagittarius only emphasizes the point.

The Moon will oppose the Sun, and trine in harmony with Venus in Gemini, and some of our talk may be cheap but it’s sure interesting.

What are good things to do today, for all zodiac signs?

All horoscope signs, both singles or couples become intensely curious about {love}. It can be an easy day for strayers to play, and hard-to-get players are easily intrigued.

Only zodiac signs with strong Capricorn energy will not be interested and perhaps stick to work vs choosing a flirty relationship that won’t last for too long.

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