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How Mercury Sextile Neptune Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign’s {Love} Horoscope And {Relationships} Until May 2020, According To {Astrology}

Words spoken from the heart are never wrong.

It’s never easy to have that big conversation with someone, but it will become a little easier when we experience Mercury sextile Neptune, with Mercury in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces, on January 8th. And these planets, as well as our {love} horoscope, will give us the gift of words.

A sextile in {astrology} is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, which not only creates a positive energy for us to work with but also brings a bit of karma back around to our lives. This transit does occur roughly twice a year. The next sextile between these two will be in May 2020, so while we will be given another opportunity to have these two align this year, it won’t be within an eclipse window.

Eclipses often occur together, although not always, as 2020 will teach us.

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When they do, the solar eclipse occurs first and there are two weeks between that event and the lunar eclipse. During this time, energy is heightened, we’re in suspended time, and often find that crazy events or surprise situations spring up around this time.

But the energy of eclipses makes us brave too; we’re riskier and more determined to follow our hearts or listen to our intuition. It’s an energy this sextile radiates, which means that while it may occur again this year and even in future years, it doesn’t always occur during this special window of time.

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