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Toxic Relationships & Thoughts About Your ex

everything relationship cc dealing with a toxic thought about an ex

How To Deal With Those Lingering Thoughts About An Ex From Your Past?

We have all experienced a toxic relationship or at least know someone who has experienced these issues with a ex. After the breakup or you have moved on successfully, you end up getting those lingering thoughts about the good times you shared or how much your ex cared about you. Is there a way to deal with those thoughts? We will get straight to the answer of that question

The answer to that question is yes, but it will take some techniques to apply to the situation along with awareness and that ex and those thoughts will stay in the past for good! for men and women it will be different and we will break it down for each below

For Men

for men who have been in toxic relationships such as : over dramatic women,lack of sex, or cheaters these 3 listed below can help you to overcome those thoughts.

  1. think about the closure you received after the breakup
  2. when you get thoughts about the good times, right after that start thinking of the toxicity brought by you dealing with that person
  3. be aware that lingering thoughts will come and go

For Women

For Women, toxic relationships often occur through : abusive men, being body shamed, having their emotions being mishandled,being lied to, cheating, being used. The 4 listed below can help women deal with thoughts about their toxic ex.

  1. remembering how you were badly treated will help you overcome those thoughts
  2. sticking to the decision to be safer than sorry is a good thought to refer to and will help you deal with those thoughts.
  3. weighing your good thoughts with your bad thoughts will help to keep you from going back to your toxic ex
  4. the simple fact of you moving on and regaining your confidence will help you to be mentally strong and help you to forget your past even more.

The listed techniques can help you deal with those haunting and depressing thoughts that come and remind you of the good times you had with a toxic person and can prevent you from making the mistake or reaching back in your past.The techniques for men and women are basic and complex at the same time because it is important to have the awareness to apply them


5 Examples Of Being In A Relationship

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5 Examples of Being In Relationship

Relationships are the new norm in today’s world and arguably one of the most important things to our health. This is an article designed to shed some light on what relationships are, and examples of being in a relationship that you sometimes overlook or not pay attention too.

                First, the definition of a relationship as defined on dictionary.com is an emotional or sexual or a combination of emotional and sexual connection between people. An emotional attachment is broad and can fit into a lot of our lives. For example, we have emotional attachments that are unique with our friends and family and partners.

Five Examples of being in relationships

  • Getting together with a friend same or opposite sex on a weekly basis.
  • Making plans with that person you have been seeing for some time now
  • Spending time with your family by coming up with plans
  • Hooking up with someone or having an ongoing affair
  • Long time friendship with the opposite sex

Marriage Problems & Solutions – 5 Insightful Tips For Better Interracial Marriages

5 Insightful Tips for Better Interracial Marriages

A complied list of the top researched, sorted, and written tips for common interracial marriage problems that can be applied and used as possible solutions

1.Lack of understanding – This is a big one that is common in interracial marriages due to having different backgrounds and coming from different races. When you decide to date or marry outside your race, you should practice or know how to be more patient and understand that there is a difference that will always be present when you are in an interracial marriage. This also makes it easy to set boundaries and find common ground that makes love grow stronger and avoid the relationship drying out.

2.Lack of being empathic – putting yourself in your partner’s shoes. This is an easy way of being more empathic is by trying to understand your partner and their feelings and allow you to adjust and see things the way they see them and ultimately help you to get to know them even better.

3.Making decisions based on the wrong feelings – mixed feelings happen and sometimes cause us to make the wrong decision or make a big mistake and ruin a life-long connection with our partners. So be sure to make decisions based on the right decisions. If you are unsure about something, then do not decide. Instead, sit back and wait it out or bring this to your partner’s attentions and then go from there after discussing or getting clarity.

4.Making sure sex is not the ultimate reason for marriage – sex cannot be the ultimate reason in any marriage. It must be based on the connection, sacrifices and feelings that are present. Men and women in general do not have problems getting sex, so make sure that you consciously want to deal with the person you are with and they will not break your heart or damage you emotionally. Pay attention to these things as they are more important than sex.

5.Acceptance of friends and family – make sure your friends and family can all find some common ground of acceptance with each other or even the kids.

These 5 listed things can help make an interracial marriage flourish or last a lifetime with continuously practicing these methods listed above and making sure the love is present for the right reasons.

Relationship Quote – Ex-Boyfriend Memes

Shifting on is tough nonetheless these really humorous ex-boyfriend memes will help you to neglect that he … 10 Humorous Memes To Assist You Get Over Your Ex-Boyfriend.

3 Options for Repurposing Your Old Engagement Ring

Wedding Rings, Lgbt, Marriage, Ring, Wedding, Love[image: https://pixabay.com/photos/wedding-rings-lgbt-marriage-ring-2364418/]3 Options for Repurposing Your Old Engagement RingWhether you were married for one year or twenty, the engagement ring is still an important symbol of your former relationship. Women often have conflicting feelings about their engagement rings, and it can be tough to decide what to do with it once the marriage ends.While there’s nothing wrong with keeping your engagement ring, you might prefer to move on from your marriage and leave those memories behind. These are some of the most common things women do with their engagement rings after getting a divorce.Return ItEven though most states consider engagement rings the wife’s property, some women choose to return the ring rather than keeping it. If the ring was a family heirloom, your ex might want to have it for sentimental reasons or to give it to someone else later on.On the other hand, you shouldn’t feel obligated to return the ring just because your ex wants it back. Even if you don’t want to wear it yourself, you could still use it for a number of other things. Giving back the ring should be your own decision based on the circumstances of your divorce.Sell ItA typical 1-carat engagement ring costs an average of $5500, so selling a diamond ring could give you a major financial boost. Since its value will remain relatively constant over time, you don’t have to make this decision immediately. Take a month or two to process your feelings before selling your ring.If you liked the ring’s design, you can sell the diamond itself and buy a cheaper gem to replace it. The diamond is much more valuable than the rest of the ring, so you’ll get back most of the total value without having to part with the ring. If you’re comfortable with losing your ring, there’s essentially no other downside to selling it.Use ItYou probably have mixed feelings toward your engagement ring, but you can turn it into something positive by repurposing it. Some women keep their engagement rings and hand them down to their children later in life, transforming a painful memory into a bright future.If you and your ex had children together and divorced amicably, giving the gem to your child will give you both something to remember from your marriage. This allows you to keep the gem without bringing up unhappy memories of your time together.It’s always tough to process your emotions following a divorce, and you might not know what you want to do with your engagement ring immediately. Keep these ideas in mind as you move on from your marriage and think about whether you want to keep, sell, or use your ring.


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Relationship {Advice} – Holidays and {Love}


The Holidays are slipping away from me. I am buzzing, rushing, transferring sooner than sound waves. Mind on overdrive, pedal to the steel. It is Hanukkah. It is Christmas. It is Kwanzaa. It is New 12 months’s. All of sudden.

I see my total life in rewind. My complete life crammed into two weeks. I keep in mind my childhood and the Hanukkah candles, my single years with the Hanukkah candles and the Christmas tree as a result of I believed it was fairly and festive and enjoyable, Christmas in New York with a potted plant. Then married years of amassing ornaments and my daughter throwing icicles across the room.

Years in the past, we gave up the tree lot Christmas tree due to allergic reactions, then we gave up the residing Christmas tree due to the identical allergic reactions, then we gave up the pretend tree (which I actually beloved – the entire thing was one large ornament), and this 12 months I forgot to purchase Hanukkah candles.

The events are like networking conferences. Everybody has enterprise playing cards. Even household get-togethers really feel like replays, like obligations, like the kids are all leaving dwelling and that is the one manner we are able to see them.

A few of us are giddy. A few of us are blue. A few of us are lifted up by whose birthday and whose steadfastness we’re celebrating. A few of us are drained. I am simply, effectively, feeling.

It is exhausting to be or really feel anyone factor in the course of all this celebrating, cooking, cleansing, laying aside work, lacking appointments, going out of city, {caring} for and being guests and houseguests. It is exhausting to be anyone factor or really feel anyone factor ever.

To me, this whirlwind of custom, ritual, repetition, counting of years, remembering the place we had been at that Christmas, that Hanukkah, that Kwanzaa is a swirl of emotion that ties me to my previous, propels me into my future, and makes me stand proper right here, proper now, awestruck, watching the air fly previous my eyes.

And it makes me {love} myself and all folks just a bit extra – as a result of I can not cling to the previous or dream concerning the future or fake to not be right here. It is like a vortex. It is previous, current and future – the identical for everybody.

We’re all related right here – not by faith or custom and even the beginning of one more 12 months, however by the truth that we’re all tied to this season of each celebrating and lamenting every part all these items deliver to the floor for us to really feel. All of sudden.

In any given second, there are infinite prospects of feeling. Flip to your desk. All these issues sitting on it. Take a look at them. Contact one by one. Would not every have a unique really feel, a unique reminiscence?

I take a look at the image of my canine, Popcorn, who handed away 4 years in the past, and nonetheless really feel a wave of unhappiness and remorse for what I did not do for her, after which my new canine, Hazel, three years outdated, touches my shoe along with her face, and a wave of enjoyment goes by means of me.

The rubber band on the desk jogs my memory of one thing outdated, and it seems like one thing enjoyable, and the air smells like flowers, and it is chilly in right here. All of sudden.

Emotions morph. They’re liquid. They will go from unbearably bereft grief to stunningly tingly pleasure in lower than the blink of an eye fixed. We do not have to remain in our dungeons of loneliness or our prisons of ache, or our clouds of infatuation.

We will transfer by means of all of it, cycle by means of it, spherical in a circle or up and down or facet to facet, and swim within the Soup of our personal feelings, our personal soul’s treasure chest.

Should you’re feeling blue, it isn’t who you might be. It is simply the way in which you’re feeling proper now. It is okay to have a look at the cat with {love} in the course of feeling grief. It is okay to cry after which chortle, to have a look at a web page from the information in disbelief and dread, after which chortle over the film part.

That is what we do greatest, us people. We really feel.

What it’s concerning the Holidays, for me, is that it is a season of contradiction, confusion, outdated and new, actual and pretend, {love} and vacancy. It is comfortable. We’re up. We’re celebrating. It is unhappy, we’re down, we’re blue. It lights up the selection we get to make at each second.

If we’ve got “Pleased Holidays” and “The Vacation Blues,” if we give to these much less lucky and really feel unlucky, if we give and attempt to keep in mind easy methods to obtain, if I’m exhilarated and on the identical time terrified, which do I select to imagine? What do I deal with?

People who find themselves heroic appear to completely get, and attempt to train us, that there’s pleasure in life, and that, even in probably the most determined of moments, it is good to deal with the enjoyment even whilst you’re experiencing the ache.

So, whilst you deal with pleasure, keep in mind what you keep in mind and see what you see and really feel what you’re feeling about ache. When you deal with peace, keep in mind and see and really feel what you expertise as chaos. When you deal with {love}, do not keep away from something you’re feeling, even when it is concern.

Journey throughout the panorama of your life specializing in what feels good – peace and {love} and pleasure – and know that, despite the fact that ache and chaos and concern are at all times alongside for the trip, you may trip with them with out getting caught in them.

It is the Holidays. Contact issues, contact folks, be human, obtain {love}, and provides {love} to your self.

Each second is a brand new reminiscence. No matter yours are, they’re yours to deal with, to recollect or neglect, to reside for or with or by means of, to maintain or toss, to remain mired in or use to leap into one thing fantastic.

No matter you select at any given second, I want you {love}, happiness and an entire lot of enjoyable.

{Love}, Rori


Actor Arun Vijay has gained his own identity in the industry, irrespective of the fame of his father. He has always been the man of hardwork and …
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Mexican Congress Places Strain On State Congresses Over Similar-Intercourse Marriage

The Congress within the Mexican state of Sonora is now getting stress from federal legislators to approve a measure permitting for same-sex marriages.

Greater than six months have handed since that measure was launched within the state Congress, and since then it has been sitting in committee. And that caught the attention of the Mexican Congress’ Everlasting Committee. It lately despatched letters to states like Sonora whose legal guidelines run afoul of a 2015 Mexican Supreme Court docket ruling that discovered that same-sex marriage prohibitions are unconstitutional.

“State congresses are being urged to replace the regulatory framework for marriage equality,” Sonoran Rep. Yumiko Palomares, the sponsor of the reform measure, instructed her colleagues this week.

Within the Everlasting Committee’s letter, Sonoran representatives’ federal counterparts wrote that “by defining marriage as a heterosexual union, a number of state legal guidelines discriminate in opposition to folks primarily based on their sexual orientation, and due to this fact violate the equal rights enshrined within the Mexican Federal Structure.” 

Regardless of the standing of the measure and the state’s conservative popularity, current federal polling reveals that almost 70% of Sonorans approve of same-sex marriage, the very best fee within the nation after Mexico Metropolis.

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Relationship {Advice} for Ladies Over 40


It is secure to say that whenever you’re over 40, the courting sport adjustments considerably. You are not imagining it. In truth, the challenges of courting for girls over 40 are so particular that getting good {advice} is essential to {finding} {love} with much less heartache, ache, and confusion. (Reality: over one-third of Individuals over 40 are single, and greater than 25 million of them are girls.)

As part of the over 40 class of daters, the identical courting {advice} that works for 20 somethings isn’t at all times the identical {advice} that you just’re looking for. Here is why:

  • As a girl over 40, your foremost focus isn’t essentially getting married and having infants. You will have already been married, you could have already got infants, or maybe neither is true; however both one could possibly be a non-issue.
  • The courting sport has modified considerably because you dated in your twenties. Sexting. Texting. {Internet dating}. Pace courting. Even matchmaking. All are viable alternate options within the 21st century. If you do not know the way to use these {tools} or have a perception that solely “losers” would use them, you could be sabotaging your success dramatically.
  • You are not positive who so far whenever you’re in your 40s. Is it applicable so far males of their 30s? What about feeling such as you aren’t drawn to males of their sixties, the precise males who could also be pursuing you essentially the most on-line? Is it a should to search out somebody who’s your age precisely and might recite strains from Gilligan’s Island proper alongside you?
  • What are your relationship objectives? Are you trying to get married? Do you wish to have children? Are you merely in search of a severe relationship with Mr. Boyfriend Materials?

No matter your considerations, listed here are the keys to our {advice} for girls over 40 in three brief however candy {tips}!

1. Use your courting expertise in an applicable means.

Whether or not you latterly went by a messy divorce or have had a number of long-term {relationships} and are prepared for a relationship, you in all probability have some (if not an ideal deal) of courting expertise. As a dater who’s over 40, you wish to be sure to do not “leak” any of this vitality or {knowledge}, damaging or in any other case, into new {relationships} you end up in.

It is fantastic to recollect stuff you’ve discovered in previous {relationships}, but it surely is likely to be a good suggestion to verify with a courting coach to make sure you’re taking the suitable stuff with you! Avoiding making assumptions like “It occurred earlier than and subsequently should {happen} once more” can impression all of your courting for those who aren’t armed with a clear slate earlier than you bounce into the courting pool.

2. Get your self on the market.

Have your pals been encouraging you to affix that on-line courting web site? Effectively, guess what? One out of each 4 people who find themselves in a dedicated relationship or married met their vital others on an internet courting web site.

Keep in mind that there are tons of fine relationship-ready males who’re going to be inquisitive about you, however that you must {meet} them first! Becoming a member of a Meetup, beginning a brand new health routine or creating an internet courting web site profile are actually nice methods to {meet} nice males. Hanging out at a bar each Saturday evening? Not so good, so get energetic on-line and outdoors.

3. Be sincere about what you are in search of.

Hopefully you are not {finding} your self saying issues like “There aren’t any good males on the market.” But when you end up heading down that path, get your self in the wrong way instantly. There ARE so many nice guys on the market!

Due to the multitude of wonderful males simply ready to {meet} you, do not end up compromising for somebody you assume is “nearly adequate.” If somebody is not assembly your wants and you’ve got brazenly communicated about what these wholesome wants are, transfer on.

On the opposite finish of the spectrum, having an inventory of stuff you’re in search of in a person is nice. However make sure you are not checking folks off your potential checklist as a result of they’re lacking one thing like “attire effectively on a regular basis” or “cooks like a connoisseur chef.” Finally, getting caught in “lack” mentality will hold you feeling disempowered and caught.

Keep in mind, as soon as you are feeling assured and know that you just’re worthy of a tremendous man, superb males will turn into magnetized to you. Paradoxically, whenever you assume it’s a must to settle, you appeal to males who you are feeling are simply “adequate.” Get out of this vicious cycle and dig deep to search out your “internal superior” so you may get precisely what you need out of {love} in your forties.

An important tip for girls over 40 is that this: bear in mind to have enjoyable. You understand what you need, you recognize your self, and you recognize what you are in search of in a companion.

The Great Divorce by Lewis, C.S.

The Great Divorce by Lewis, C.S.
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Phone usage may have harmful effects on the relationships in your life

Data pix.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – We text. We tweet. We talk. We shop. We scroll. And we do it all through our phones.  We may not want to admit it, but our phone is never too far away from us.

“It’s something people feel like they can’t live without,” said Jackie Dikos, co-owner of Field Brewing.

When our heads are stuck in our phones, we aren’t fully paying attention to what and who is around us.

“You may not even realize you’re having a negative effect on the other person,” said Michelle Drouin, a psychology professor at Purdue University Fort Wayne.

The average U.S. adult spends nearly 3 hours and 43 minutes on their mobile devices every day, and that amount is predicted to increase over the next couple years.

“It’s wrapping up all your energy into this technology when you could be focusing your energy elsewhere,” said Drouin.

There’s a term for being on your phone and snubbing someone.

“Phubbing is actually the intentional choice to look at your phone while you’re interacting with a conversation partner, and it can have serious effects,” said Drouin.

Drouin has studied technology and the toll it can have on relationships.

“It makes sense that this is having a negative effect on romantic relationships. And I don’t think we are being catastrophic in this; I think this is a very real depiction of what is happening in terms of technology and relationships,” said Drouin.

It can make a partner feel that you’re choosing to engage in something that isn’t them, causing conflict, less satisfaction in the relationship and a feeling of neglection.

“Some people don’t recognize what they’re doing is possibly hurting their partner. They’re just trying to do whatever it is they’re doing online,” said Drouin.

Each ding, vibration or alert is a technological interference.  Those digital disruptions aren’t just felt in romantic relationships.

“It’s affecting the family unit at its core,” said Drouin.

At Field Brewing in downtown Westfield, silver buckets at the center of the tables serve as a challenge.

“I think we all need an excuse to disconnect so really, all of us” said Dikos.

On Tuesday’s, it’s ‘Turn off Tuesday,’ at Field Brewing. The restaurant offers 15% off your bill if you put your phone in the bucket and leave it there for your entire meal.

“There’s definitely the reality check of being tempted to check your phone over the course of that time,” said Dikos.

Disconnecting with your phones gives you the chance to reconnect with those around your table.

“People are recognizing they have a problem; the leap would be committing to solve the problem. Because people don’t want to give up the convenience of their phone,” said Drouin.

It’s 2020, you don’t have to go full blown digital detox—small steps could be all is takes.

“Something I preach is ‘sacred times and sacred spaces.’ So decide for yourself what times and spaces you want to have as tech-free times and spaces,” said Drouin.

If you feel like your relationship or family could use a bit of a break from your phones, it’s a conversation you should have. Not through a text or a FaceTime, but a phone free face-to-face talk.

“When people do step away from technology, I think they can get a really good sense of how much technology was dominating their lives before,” said Drouin.

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