Are you a Queen, Warrior, Magician or Lover?

Theories of character sorts have been round no less than for the reason that historical Greeks. Hippocrates, the daddy of Western medication, developed a idea generally known as The 4 Temperaments:

  • Phlegmatic = relaxed and quiet
  • Choleric = bold and leader-like
  • Sanguine = pleasure-seeking and sociable
  • Melancholic = introverted and considerate

Within the 20th Century, a number of corresponding theories developed; most notably, Robert L. Moore’s tackle Jungian archetypes, generally known as King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.

  • Phlegmatic turned… King
  • Choleric… Warrior
  • Sanguine… Magician
  • Melancholic… Lover

Extra lately, psychiatrist Dr. Paul Dobransky created a system, loosely primarily based on Moore’s classes, generally known as KWML.

  • King/Queen = introverted and analytical
  • Warrior = extraverted and analytical
  • Magician = extraverted and inventive
  • Lover = introverted and inventive

Discover that Kings/Queens and Warriors are each analytical. Magicians and Lovers are each artistic. Kings/Queens and Lovers are each introverted. Warriors and Magicians are each extraverted. Additionally, Kings/Queens and Magicians are opposites, as are Warriors and Lovers.

Know Thyself… and the Sturdy Rogue Thou Dost Woo

In all equity to Hippocrates, Moore and Dobransky, the above definitions and comparisons are simplistic. Be at liberty to dive as deep as you want into these theories so as to decide your individual (or anybody else’s) character make-up. Or, if you need a fast reply, you may take Dr. Paul’s transient quiz at kwml.com, and get the person (or girl) of your option to do the identical.

As soon as your individual character sort, you may set your sights on discovering a correct match. However what is a correct match? Some say that opposites entice. Others insist that like attracts like. Which manner lies the higher path? In my expertise, neither is at all times true. However each are often current, although on completely different psychological ranges.

Intuition vs. Mind

In the case of gender instincts, opposites complement one another. Thus, the phrase from the film Jerry McGuire that makes all {women} soften: “You complete me!”

A Magician completes a Queen (and a Lover completes a Warrior) within the sense that the one is powerful on the character traits through which the opposite is weak; and vice versa. The extraverts convey out the introverts, and the introverts floor the extraverts.

Likewise, the analytical are usually extra logical, and the creatives are usually extra spontaneous. Collectively, they make wiser selections.

In the case of mind and spirituality, nonetheless, like is usually higher off with like. A non secular Fundamentalist of 1 religion might be not going to be pleased in a romance with anybody of every other religion. Nor will somebody whose main ardour is Russian literature be contented in a long-term relationship with a barfly. Our greater mind colleges crave like-minded companionship.

Testing For Sort

I sometimes spend a number of weeks with purchasers honing their understanding of character sorts, to the purpose the place they’ll instantaneously discern a King from a Warrior, Magician or Lover. In case your prospect must be drawn out of his shell, then he’s almost certainly a King or a Lover. If, alternatively, he will not shut up, you may depend on him being both a Magician or a Warrior.

If he speaks logically and to-the-point, then he’s most likely a King or a Warrior. If, nonetheless, he jumps from one concept to the next–sometimes forgetting his unique point–then I’d guess that he’s a Lover or a Magician.

Kings love to provide recommendation. So, should you suspect your man is a King, ask for his recommendation about one thing and see whether or not his eyes mild up.

Lovers love to inform tales. Ask Lovers about their newest artistic project–novel, symphony, stand-up routine, and so forth. However be ready to pay attention for some time.

Magicians are sometimes charismatic, life-of-the-party sorts with brief consideration spans. They are going to make you are feeling like crucial particular person on the planet. After which they are going to make the following particular person they meet really feel precisely the identical manner.

Warriors… properly… they wish to combat, even after they’re enjoying. If he disagrees with you a large number, teases you a large number or is mostly feisty, then he is most likely a Warrior.

Commit To Studying About Character Sorts

To get actually good at these items, you need to work out within the subject, in real-life conditions, ideally with a grasp. Once I first acquired critical about bettering my {courting} life, I went out 4 nights every week for 4 months, training assembly individuals and studying find out how to decipher character sorts.

Now, I can accomplish that, often, inside just a few seconds. And I understand how to have enjoyable with all sorts, not simply my very own or my reverse. With information and follow, you may learn to entice the most effective {men} to your character sort!

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