Is there still Sex in the City? Author Candace Bushnell answers the query at Warwick’s books in La Jolla

Candace Bushnell, celebrated writer of “Sex and the City,” talked about her newest ebook, “Is There Still Sex in the City?” Friday evening, Oct. Four at Warwick’s bookstore. A crowd of about 100 (largely {women}) confirmed as much as hearken to the pragmatic writer speak about life within the {courting} lane for {women} of their 50s.

So, inquiring minds need to know: Is there nonetheless intercourse within the metropolis for 50-somethings?

Bushnell solutions, “Well, yes, but there’s less.”

Bushnell defined she needed to name the ebook “Middle-aged Madness,” however her editor nixed it. “But,” she went on, “it’s actually about what I name the ‘new middle age.’ It’s not your mom’s center age.

“One of the things that inspired me to write the book is that middle age has changed so very much, and life has changed so much for women in the last 50 years.”

Bushnell wrote her “Sex and the City” novel, based mostly on columns she wrote for The New York Observer (1994-96.) It turned the idea for the HBO hit collection, which catapulted Sara Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristen Davis and Cynthia Nixon to fame, and two subsequent blockbuster films.

Bushnell’s different books embody “Four Blondes,” “Lipstick Jungle,” “The Carrie Diaries,” “One Fifth Avenue,” “Trading Up,” “Summer and the City” and “Killing Monica.”

Her latest, she stated, relies on her actual life, simply as “Sex and the City” was based mostly on her life and the lives of her buddies when she lived as a 30-something single lady in New York Metropolis.

The ebook is a set of quick, sharp, satirical commentaries written from actual experiences of {women} after divorce.

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Written by Candace Bushnell and revealed in August 2019 by Grove Atlantic, the ebook “Is There Still Sex in the City?” relies on Bushnell’s actual life experiences after divorcing at age 50.


She advised the group: “It’s very common for a 50-something women to get divorced, which means she has to move, she probably has to start a career all over again, start an exercise routine, do Connection Sites and take her clothes off in front of a stranger. Nobody said when you’re in your 50s, you’re going to have to do that courting thing all over again!”

Bushnell identified that {women} additionally typically discover themselves in dire monetary straits after divorce, which exacerbates the scenario.

“You get divorced, you’re in debt and what are you going to do? I’ve seen women who say, ‘It’s like I’m 22 again. But I’m 52 and I have the same amount of money that I did when I was 22 … and I don’t have a place to live and I can’t afford a place to live because everything is so much more expensive.’ ”

In explaining the success of “Sex and the City,” Bushnell stated the ebook and the present actually modified perceptions of single {women} in the course of the 1990s: “ ‘Sex and the City’ told you you could be single and not married, while still in your middle 30s. But back then, being single in your mid-30s, people thought there must be something seriously wrong with you. So, there was a lot of negativity toward 30-something single women, and I was certainly one of them. The other thing is, before ‘Sex and the City,’ no one thought women over the age of 35 were even sexy at all!”

Within the present, as in her actual life, Bushnell stated most of her buddies ended up partnering up, solely to comprehend that “happily ever after” doesn’t essentially final eternally. Bushnell’s marriage resulted in divorce, she stated, so she moved to the nation, spent plenty of time in her pajamas, rode horses, had two canine and didn’t date for 5 years.

Then, she tried the {courting} app, Tinder, for some time, with an incredible lack of success. “It was actually very depressing to me,” she shared.

However as so many extra of her buddies have been getting divorced, she bought pulled into the middle-age {courting} scene.

“The first thing you feel is that no men your age are interested in you,” she discovered. “I really tried to analyze this. No one says to a guy, ‘Hey, a woman of 55 is really sexy and attractive and that’s what you should be looking for.’ At the same time, when I looked around, I thought guys my age seemed so shockingly old.”

So, because the same-aged {men} appeared for youthful {women}, and a few youthful {men} (whom Bushnell calls “cubs”) appeared for older {women} (“catnips”), she famous there was just one class left.

“That kind of leaves you with the ‘he’s as old as your father’ guys,” whom she known as “senior-aged players” or SAPs. “They’re older men of means, who are actually still employed in a lesser version of the high-powered career they once had.”

She went on to disclose how she got here thus far a person (uh, make {that a} SAP) named Arnold. Arnold stated he was 68, however it turned out, he was really 78. That made him nearer in age to Bushnell’s father than to her. “The problem is these guys often lie about their age,” she defined. “They fudge, somehow forgetting about that truth-telling device called the Internet.”

Nonetheless, her buddies inspired her thus far Arnold, saying “you just never know.” She countered: “In fact, the issue with ‘you never know’ is that so typically you really do know. I used to be satisfied I used to be not going thus far a 78-year-old man regardless of how great he was. What if he fell down and I needed to take a wierd, older individual to the emergency room?

“However what if I did fall in love with him? Then, his age wouldn’t matter.”

It didn’t work out with Arnold. Actually, it went terribly dangerous. So terribly that “when I wrote about him, my editor made me take out a whole bunch of stuff. She said ‘I can’t spend any more time with him.’ ”

Nonetheless, whereas writing “Is There Still Sex in the City?” Bushnell stated she discovered a brand new boyfriend with whom she is kind of glad. “We are still together,” she reported, “which is very nice.”

Bushnell did admit that discovering somebody at age 50 or older is simpler in some methods as a result of: “at this age, people aren’t looking to get a life. People pretty much already have a life. The great thing about this is that it can be more of a partnership. You’re not in the same place as you were when you were younger.”

Bushnell’s new ebook has already been purchased by Paramount to be made right into a TV collection. No phrase but on a debut date or who the solid shall be.

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The packed crowd Oct. 4, 2019 at Warwick’s in La Jolla listens to writer Candace Bushnell speak about life within the {courting} lane for {women} of their 50s, as advised in Bushnell’s ebook, “Is There Still Sex in the City?”

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Is there still Sex in the City? Author Candace Bushnell answers the query at Warwick’s books in La Jolla

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